Service Overview

Research & Development

R&D services to support military, cyber, intelligence and space capabilities. Specialization in sensors, EW, signals and additive. Canadian content = 100%

Cyber Intelligence

Provision of materials, information and knowledge for key clients across government and the private sector. Open-source and sourced knowledge.

Training Programs

Instructional design, course operations, subject-matter expertise, training equipment, public integration and learning management systems.

Program Management

Provision of expertise to extract operationally and strategically important insight from latent and purpose-collected project data. Creation of plans/proposals.

Bespoke Tooling

Design, development, fabrication, implementation and operational support of custom experimental/manufacturing equipment, including nuclear & defence.

Technical Services

Technical and engineering services to support ISS programs, O&M programs, and other complex programs. Specialization in electrical and cyber.

Research & Development Specialties

Space Systems

Earth Observation, Material Extraction & Systems Integration: Earth Observation Payloads, Software-Defined Radar, FPGAs, Embedded Systems, Lunar Drilling Rigs, Telemetry and Vehicle Integration.

Canadian Content

Bornea Dynamics is proud to be one-hundred percent Canadian owned and operated. Single-partner or multi-partner R&D services to primes, inclusive of VP drafting.


Technology to Support & Enable C5ISR: Fire Control, Cyber Solutions, Integrated Embedded Systems, SCADA, C2 Software & Integration, Analyst Software, Technical Surveillance, Integration Suites.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Solutions: Standalone AI, Integrated AI and Embedded Machine Learning Capabilities. Advanced deployments of AI/ML/NN to pre-process and process data, manage swarms, and deliver effects.

Strategic Technology

R&D In Support Of Strategic Technology: Air Defences, Early Warning Systems, Space-Based Surveillance Systems, Strategic Deterrents, Naval Assets, Quantum Technology and Communications.

Sensor Suites & Electronic Warfare

Sensor Suites & EW Suites: EM Seekers, ML-guided Optical Seekers, IMUs, GNS, Technical Surveillance, Signals, Sniffing, Jamming, Integrated Sensor Suites.

Tactical Technology

Soldier & officer-level systems and equipment: Tactical Protection, Ballistic Protection, Respiratory Protection, Tactical Communications, Personal Surveillance and Tactical UAS.

Guidance & Geolocation

Kinetic Effect Systems: Guidance Suites, Embedded Systems, Software-Defined Architectures, GPS Systems, Geolocation Suites.