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Technologies Overview

Bornea Dynamics is an innovative, Canadian owned and operated defence firm specializing in research & development. Bornea Dynamics produces the following technologies in-house.

Bornea Dynamics operates within: Defence, Space and Law Enforcement industries.

The Merlin CUAS

Modular detect and defeat solution to counter COTS Uncrewed aerial systems. System consists of a detect component, and various countermeasures. The system can be integrated with a surveillance system to protect military bases, detention facilities and critical infrastructure, or the system can be mobile to protect VIPs, vehicle convoys and soldiers. ‘Capture, Disable, Destroy’ operating modes make the system well suited for both domestic and combat-zone operations without requiring major modifications.


ARC 100 Respirator

Innovative full-head respirator that provides individuals with beards the same level of respiratory and ocular protection as those without beards. System offers full CBRN protection, enhanced ballistic protection with pending NIJ certification, and tactical configurations for enhanced mobility while using the respirator. Law enforcement, military and civilian variants.


Bornea Acrux

Bornea Acrux is an integrated set of advanced data capabilities, configured together in novel methods for each custom to deliver the insight, data, and critical metrics required to drive strategic and tactical operations in real-time.

Provision of a wide range of data to organizations as-a-service, including social media, media monitoring and web traffic. Performance of ID resolutions, tracing, and traditional analytics on data from multiple sources.

Delivery of data from many distributed sources combined with comprehensive analysis conducted using state-of-the-art ID resolution techniques. Data can be delivered perpetually on specific targets or on subject areas. Analysis can leverage existing client data, scraped data, or a combination of both.